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Our company

Nimar: staging for fairs and showrooms

Nimar srl makes fair stands and show rooms, in Italy and abroad. Their achievements show their effort to get the top quality, they guarantee a top competence and always provide the right solution for your wildest imagination.

We are also a building company; we have full areas reserved for wood working, polishing and metallic carpentry; we make and guarantee electrical, heat and water systems as well as air conditioning units. We have a widw net of experts and specialists supporting us for regulations and logistic abroad.

Our constant research for the latest technology and materials, a careful and detailed managemant of the project and the use of advanced softwares give a full picture of a company in the position to offer a suitable solution for the demads of all fields.

An attitude to listen, and to care about people, production processes and global top quality characterize every step of the company work.

Environmental Respect

Since there is a close link between environmental impact and quality, Nimar has chosen to us eco friendly materials and low polluting process by recycling some outcome materials.