Environment - Our working process


Panels manufacturing

The panels used for the construction and the mounting of the stands are guaranteed by the "Consorzio Pannello Ecologico" (Ecological Panel Consortium). These panels are made 100% of recycled wood.


Panels processing

The panels become semi-finished, ready for the stand mounting.


Exhibition stand mounting

Semi-finished products are carried to the exhibition place and assembled on site by our staff with technical and professional expertise, who will deliver "turnkey".


Stand disassembly

Dismantling of the stand is run by our staff. After this phase, the panels are packaged and loaded onto our vehicles: they are ready for the next phase of recycling and reuse.


Return to factory

The panels come back to the manufacturer in a new production cycle. The recovered wood becomes a raw material, thus reducing demand for virgin wood and contributing to the preservation of forests.